We are no longer selling livestock at this time due to the drought. We are completely sold out.

If you would like to purchase semen straws of one the best bulls we have ever had, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you.

Lowline Bull Sells for $85,000 ...

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R54 Lowlines

​R54 Lowlines Lowline Aberdeen Cattle

R54 Lowlines is located in the Texas Hill Country town of Comfort. We are a premium Aberdeen cattle breeder.  Our stock is comprised of some of the finest registered Lowline Aberdeen bloodlines that you can find.  We have searched long and hard to build the best herd that we can. We produce what we believe is the true Lowline genetics that can be traced back to the research done in Australia.

 Don't confuse these docile animals for a miniature or dwarf replica of the Angus breed.  Although they are smaller, they pack a powerful punch for feed efficiency, marbling and thickness similar to their larger family members.  Although our herd is comprised of mostly fullblood Aberdeen cattle, we also sell Moderator and Moderator Plus Aberdeens.  We also have semen straws ready for domestic or international shipping.

Addiction, pictured at 21 months old.  He is now going to work.

R54's red bull calf, Addiction.  Check him out at only a few days old.

Texas Lowline Aberdeen Cattle For Sale

Breeding & Raising Lowline Angus.

Our Lowline Aberdeens come from some of the best bloodlines in the business.  Our previous herd sire, Alta Demolition, was the Grand Champion Bull at the Interior Provincial Exhibition in 2013.  He is one a kind.  He is a fullblood Lowline bull that carries the True Red Gene.  R54 Lowlines is making Aberdeens better through genetics, plus ensuring out crossed animals on the red side.