Awe Boy 30E

Registered: In Process

This Red Fullblood has a ton of potential.  He is out of the famous Lucy and by Awestruck.  What an opportunity.

The black bull carries the true RED gene.  What a great pedigree on this one! Demolition, Kessler and Zazzy to top off a few.

Lowline: 100%

PRICE:  $2800
DOB: 9/17/16

RAP Kingdom 42E

Registered: In Process
This bull has both show and herd sire potential.  Although young at the moment, this is a really good one.

Sire of Hollar Back

Dig It 6F

​Registered: In Process

Another up and coming bull from the bull maker herself, MS Jamberoo.  She is the mother of Jester.  

Possible true red gene carrier.

Sire of Phenom.

Dam of Red Heat 37F

Magic, sire of Legit.

Lowline: 87.5%

PRICE:  $1900
DOB: 1-7-18

Aberdeen Bulls For Sale

Lowline: 100%

PRICE:  $2400
DOB: 3/10/18

Dam of Smudge. Speck!

Dam of Legit

Sire of Warrant

Legit 22D

Registered: FM33514
This bull is by Magic and out of Zazzy.  This must see bull is going to be long and thick if his dam has anything to do with it.  Take a look at her.

Lowline: 100%

PRICE:  $2200
DOB: 5/21/17

Granddam of Hollar Back

Lowline: 100%

PRICE:  $2500
DOB: 1-1-18

Decibel 28F

​Registered: FM 40393

Another awesome pedigree with the likes of Demolition, Spartan and Angelica.  What a great up and coming bull!  Also carries the True RED gene.

Sire of Preacher Man.

More to come!!!

Red Heat 37F

In Process
The red bull should be a wonderful herd sire to your herd.  Very docile and easy on the eyes.

Sire of Free Ride

Up to date as of 10-20-19

Sire of Smudge.

Lowline: 100%

PRICE:  $2100
DOB: 4/24/17

Sire of Kingdom

Lowline: 100%

PRICE:  $3500
DOB: 8-18-17

Sire of Decibel.

R54 Lowlines

Jester at 6 months!

Phenom 26F

​Registered: FM 40394

Sire of Dig It.

Red Gene Carrier

The last of the best are now up for sale in our Fall reduction sale!  Don't pass up on these great animals of the future!

Lowline: 100%

PRICE:  $2800
DOB: 2/16/17

Lowline: 100%

PRICE:  $2100
DOB: 4/22/17

Preacher Man 3F

​Registered: 40395

This RED true gene carrier bull is out of one of our favorite cows here at the ranch.  She has produced excellent bulls over the years. This guys is THICK!

R54 Hollar Back 28E

Registered: In Process
This Demolition bull is out of a daughter of Alta Angelica, the 2012 Reserve Champion Heifer at the Canadian National Show. He is a  red gene carrier.

Smudge  40F

Registered: In Process
This young bull is should be an awesome addition to any mixed herd.  He should be able to throw red, black and belted calves.  Very unique son of the world famous "Speck".

RAP Free Ride 43E

Registered: In Process

We are waiting to see how this guy turns out.  He showing promise so far.  At this price, it just might be the best money spent.

Lowline: 100%

PRICE:  $2000
DOB: 2/20/16

Lowline: 100%

PRICE:  $2500
DOB: 2/2/17

Lowline: 75%

PRICE:  $2000
DOB: 1-6-18

R54 Warrant 4E

Registered: In Process
This Demolition bull is a full brother to Cadillac.  This is one of our premier bulls on the ranch. A must see!